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company background

BURST! Media, LLC.
8 New England Executive Park
Burlington, MA 01803
Phone: 781.272.5544 | Fax: 781.272.0897

BURST! helps web publishers in their pursuit of creating specialty content online and via email content. With ad sales and ad management services from BURST!, niche-oriented web publishers can concentrate on the important work of meeting the needs of their web site visitors and readers.

BURST! pioneered the concept of supporting specialty-content publishers with Targeted Advertising services. As web advertising has grown, BURST! has established and built its leadership position by continuing to focus on its base of special-interest publishers and by expanding its services for its Members.

For its 3,000 Publisher Members, BURST! helps manage more than 700 million advertising impressions per month in more than 400 purchase categories.

BURST! offers a complete set of tools and services to enable specialty web and email content publishers to minimize the time and effort it takes to manage advertising for their sites and email content.

Their primary focus is targeted advertising sold on a cost-per-thousand impression (CPM) basis. They prepare proposals for prospective advertisers that contain a customized site and email content list reflecting each advertiser's target audience and editorial environment criteria. The pricing is negotiated between BURST! and the advertiser, and is based on the degree of targeting requested.

The second type of advertising sold through BURST! is non-targeted and available to all BURST! sites and email content publishers. Members manage the process using a simple tool called AdDesktopTM. Members choose to select, or not, a non-targeted advertiser's campaign after viewing the creative and the price offered (just the reverse of an advertiser approving your site or email content).

In addition, BURST! provides a host of tools, reports, and other information to help its members manage their advertising programs, minimize their time commitment, and maximize their returns.

company news

February 22, 2000 Burst! Media New Products Iincrease Revenue Potential For Web Publishers

November 18, 1999 Burst! Hires Director Of Marketing To Communicate Value Of Specialty Content On The Internet

November 3, 1999 Burst! Launches Completely Redesigned Web Site

March 10, 1999 Burst! Enables Rich Media Across 2,500+ Member Websites

March 1, 1999 Website Rep Firm Receives Equity Investment From Media Industry Leader

Ferbuary 2, 1999 Burst! Releases 1998 Year-end Report

April 27, 1998 Burst! Releases Internet Cash Advertising Report to Web Publishers

official FAQ

affiliate programs Burst! Official FAQ - Online Advertising Representation.
affiliate programs Burst! Official FAQ - Finances.
affiliate programs Burst! Official FAQ - Tracking and Statistics.
affiliate programs Burst! Official FAQ - Coding And Creative Ad Units.

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