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official FAQ

Coding And Creative Ad Units

What is source code?

When you join BURST! we ask you to add various unique source codes (depending on the creative units you post) into the HTML of the page(s) of your choice or your ad delivery software. The source code will include your unique adcode and will look similar to this example of BURST! Above-the-Scroll banner code:

<A HREF="">

This adcode is our lifeline to you and it serves two important functions:

1. Once in place it triggers a statistics program at our server. You must keep your source code posted if you want to be eligible for targeted campaigns. Your site will not be included in proposals without the statistical information that the source code generates on BURST!'s server or if your stats drop below the minimum 5000-page view-per-month requirement.

2. Your adcode tells the BURST! server exactly which ad to send to your page(s) based on the Targeted and Non-targeted Advertising Campaigns you have approved and their relative earning power on this adcode.

Where will the ad banner/button/cube appear on my page?

Above-the-Scroll Banner (468 x 60):

  • Appears on every web page hosting any other BURST! creative unit.
  • Is the first banner on the page, above any other.
  • Must be visible without scrolling in any direction.
  • Only one insertion of this adcode per page is allowed.
Below-the-Scroll Banner (468 x 60):
  • Must be positioned adjacent to content.
  • Can not be stacked with any other banners.
  • If you post a BURST! Below-The-Scroll banner, that page can only host two full size banners.
Cubes (125 x 125) and Buttons (120 x 60):
  • a BURST! Cube and/or Button can be posted on any page hosting a BURST! Above-the-Scroll banner!
  • They cannot be stacked with any other cubes or buttons.

This advertising may run on any page or all pages within your site, whatever you decide. Just remember: the higher the traffic, the greater the revenue will be (minimum 5000 page views required per month, per adcode).

You can only host one BURST! ad banner per page. The BURST! banner must be the first ad banner on the page, above any other banners, visible without scrolling in any direction.

Should I use the same adcode for all of my pages?

Yes. You should use one adcode per content subject. If your entire site is about an orchestra, use one adcode throughout the site, not an individual code for the conductor, winds, brass, strings, percussion, etc.

Further, you should use the same adcode, but unique source code, for all the BURST! Creative Units you post on the same web page. For example, if you are running an Above-the-Scroll banner on adcode "a," then the cube and button on this page should also be adcode "a." This will make certain your adcode description is applicable to these units.

One adcode is the most successful revenue strategy given the finite number of active targeted advertisers in the marketplace right now. Coupled with the fact that a Targeted advertiser typically only purchases 10-25% of a site's available impressions, one adcode will maximize your revenue potential.

The BURST! adcode rotates ad banners with each page request, so your viewers will see a new ad as they travel through your site's pages.

BURST! will work with you and provide as many adcodes as necessary for your site. However, the use of multiple adcodes should be carefully considered given the financial implications explained above, the maintenance of multiple adcode descriptions, and Non-targeted advertising approval.

What kind of server is loading the ad creative unit to my page?

The BURST! server is located at GTE Internetworking in Boston. It is on a 100Mbps network that is connected directly to a 100 Mbps Internet connection. That means that we are prepared to handle significant increases in traffic as necessary.

What will the ads look like on my email content?

You can decide to place your (1-3) Ad Tags within these guidelines:

  • At least 10 lines of text must exist between any two Ad Tags.
  • Top: within the first ten lines of text.
  • Middle: within the body of the text, and at least forty lines from the Top Ad Tag.
  • Bottom: Following the body text or not more than ten text lines up.
Further, ads are currently text only (HTML is coming soon) and no longer than 8 lines.

Other Questions?

If your question is not answered above, please contact BURST!.

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