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pay-per-click programs

AdultFriendFinder Adult pay-per-click programs pay-per-click programs pay-per-click programs pay-per-click programs pay-per-click programs

AdultFriendFinder runs tree programs: Pay per click Program give you up to $1.00 per each unique visitor per day; Percentage Program pays up to 75% of generated revenues and Per Order Payout Program is where evry premium member sign-up earns you a $80.00 payout. If your traffic produces less than 1 free signup in 20 visitors, or 1 paying membership in 25 free signups, your account may be converted retroactively to a "percentage payout" account. When a webmaster uses your link to signup to advertise Adult FriendFinder, they will pay you 50% of the first $200 in commissions that we pay your referral affiliates, and 10% thereafter. All affiliates must meet a $50 threshold requirement minimum worth of commissions in order to receive a cheque (twice a month).
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GammaCash Adult pay-per-click programs pay-per-click programs pay-per-click programs pay-per-click programs pay-per-click programs

You can choose between Clickthrough, Partnership, Signup and Email programs. GammaCash will pay $0.04 per unique hits. If the webmaster sends over 1,500 unique visitors per day, per site, GammaCash will pay $0.05 per unique hits. For Partnership program the webmaster will receive 50% of profits generated from the webmaster’s traffic as long as the surfers renew their memberships, without limitation. The webmaster will be paid a flat rate of $25 US per signup generated on Gamma’s websites (including for trial memberships). The payout rate for Email program is $0.45 per confirmed email address. They also pay you a 10% commission on all earnings of webmasters you refer. There are two payment periods: from the 1st to the 15th of each month and from the 16th to the end of each month. Payments are sent by GammaCash within 5 days of the end of a payment period. No payment for less than $50 will be issued unless otherwise requested by the webmaster. GammaCash will deduct a $1.99 US fee for shipping and handling each check. If the webmaster chooses to be paid by wire transfer, there is a fee that varies from $0.00 US to $15.00 US, depending on the amount of the payment sent by GammaCash.
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LoadedCash Adult pay-per-click programs pay-per-click programs pay-per-click programs pay-per-click programs pay-per-click programs

With you can earn up to $60 per sale, 60% rev-share for life, $1.50 per free sign-up or up to $6.00 per lead on their top converting dating sites. Webmaster referral program pays 10% of all revenue generated by affiliates you refer to their program for life. provides amazing tools that actually tune your conversion for you. Currently they pay affiliates every two weeks by wire (they cover fees), checks, or
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Adult Revenue Service Adult pay-per-click programs pay-per-click programs pay-per-click programs pay-per-click programs

You can earn 8 cents per unique click or $30-$40 per signup. You may choose to participate in the RevShare Hosting program and use a portion of your earned commission to pay for hosting. If you do not keep the ratio of 1:650 then you will be switched to the sign up program for that week. To earn $40 per signup, you must make 50 signups or more per pay period. The following additional commissions are paid to you, no matter which of the above two commission programs you select: You receive $200 for each active Webmaster who refers at least five sign-ups to an ARS approved website. You receive $15 for each Web900 sale referred by you to the ARS Program. ARS pays every week. The minimum payout allowed overall differs for each payment type:
Standard Check - $10
Overnight Check - $10 or enough to cover overnight fee. Overnight fee - $25.
PayPal - $10
Wire - International - $1000; Domestic - $500. Wire fee - $20 international, $10 domestic (US).
Direct Deposit - $10

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Clicksor Advertising pay-per-click programs pay-per-click programs pay-per-click programs pay-per-click programs

Clicksor uses Contextual Advertising technology to maximize advertising spending by displaying advertisements only on relevant web pages. Clicksor will pay publishers 60% of the advertising clicks revenues generated from their websites. You will be earning a 10% commission for referring new advertisers (for 12 months). Clicksor provides online real time stats and a bi-weekly (NET 15) payment schedule. In any pay period in which your earnings exceed $50.00, payments are made either by check or instantly through PayPal. Revenue totalling less that $50 will be rolled into the following period.
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clixGalore Careers pay-per-click programs pay-per-click programs pay-per-click programs pay-per-click programs

clixGalore is a large affiliate network comprising of over 800+ Merchants and ten of thousands of Affiliates across our three networks in the USA, UK and Australia. The clixGalore service fee is 25% and based on what is paid to the Affiliate. For example, if a Merchant is willing to pay an Affiliate $10 per sale, the Affiliate will receive $10, clixGalore will receive $2.5. The total cost to the Merchant is $12.5. You will also earn 5% commission for life from all the Affiliates that your refer to clixGalore. clixGalore pays $5-50$ per merchant you refer. clixGalore has a monthly pay schedule and will mail you a check when your commission reaches US$50 or AUD$100 or UKú35 or 60 Euro. But there were delays with payment processing.
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AdDynamix Advertising pay-per-click programs pay-per-click programs

AdDynamix is a CPM/CPC network. Commission payments are made at the Account level and are issued via first-class postage within 30 days of the month end in which activity occurred. All Accounts are settled in US Dollars and checks are only issued for amounts that equal or exceed $50.00.
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ClickXchange Advertising pay-per-click programs pay-per-click programs pay-per-click programs

Become an Affiliate, earn revenue while adding content to your site! Refer an affiliate and earn 5% of that affiliates earnings forever! As a bonus they will also pay you $10 for each advertising member that joins.
Click Here To Join ClickXchange Program Adult pay-per-click programs pay-per-click programs pay-per-click programs is the perfect way to earn extra income out of your adult or warez website. Currently has 12 programs to choose from that pay from 2 cents per click (for blind/warez) to 8 cents per unique click, 40 cents per email collected, 60% Partnership, $26 to $37 per trial signup...more. They claim to pay over 10 000 webmasters on-time every time since 1995. Minimum payout is 60 US dollars. For amounts above 60 US dollars and below 160 are send in traveler checks or US dollar checks, or amount above, payments can be made either in US dollar Check or by international transfers. Payments are done once a month on the first working day of the month.
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BannerMat Advertising pay-per-click programs pay-per-click programs

The BannerMat is an Internet advertising service bureau whose sole reason for existance is Internet advertising. The company specializes in providing their clients with the best service possible by offering targeted banner rotations. The Standard pay rate is: $0.05 per unique click-thru. The Premium pay rate is: $ 0.10 per unique click-thru. (English sites with their own domain). The Bannermat has added a two tier referral program to their list of available services for registered host sites. The two tier referral program has been setup to pay $2.50 for each accepted host registration that you refer to BannerMat and an additional 20% of all click thru traffic that each of your referrals generate. Checks are mailed on the first day of the following month provided that the host account has an accumulated balance of more than $25.00.
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Burst! Advertising pay-per-click programs

Burst! is an option for those who look for pay-per-impression/pay-per-click program. Burst! earns a commission or a percentage of the publisher's revenue paid by the advertiser. You determine the percentage (30%-50%) based on the type of contract you choose when joining Burst! The standard offer is month-to-month non-exclusive with a contract rate of 50% - which means revenue is split 50% to the publisher and 50% to Burst. They pay web sites and email content publishers for advertising monthly or within 45 days of the close of each calendar month in which the balance due exceeds $50.00.
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CandidClicks Adult pay-per-click programs pay-per-click programs

This is pay per blind click adult program that offers the following niches: Teen, Amateur, Asian, Fetish, Gay, Hardcore, Lesbian, Mature, and Softcore. Below is a table explaining the bonus payout system.
1000 clicks/day = 2.5 cents/click
2000 clicks/day = 3 cents/click
3000 clicks/day = 3.5 cents/click
4000 clicks/day = 4 cents/click
Webmasters will receive an amount equal to 25% of the earnings for that pay period (excluding bonuses) of all active webmasters that they refer based on 2 cents/click. CandidClicks pays on the 5th of every month for last months commissions by check, PayPal or wire transfer. You need to earn at least $1000 in the pay period to be qualified for a wire transfer. A fee of $40 will be also deducted for the wire transfer.

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Commission Junction Advertising pay-per-click programs

Commission Junction has developed and operates a service which allows Web sites to run and/or participate in Affiliate Marketing programs. You must first be approved by a Merchant to become an Affiliate of that Merchant’s program. Payments are made automatically when your account balance reaches $100 for the previous months' transactions.
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ValueClick Advertising pay-per-click programs pay-per-click programs

Valueclick has a number of ad campaigns served to maximize revenue for your inventory. A minimum of 3,000 impressions per month is required to be part of the network. When a new publisher links to ValueClick Media from your website, joins and is accepted for membership, you receive a bonus equal to 5 percent of their net earnings - for the first 12 months the referral is active. Payments are made the 20th of each month for the previous month. Minimum payment is $25.
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