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company background


The BannerMat is an Internet advertising service bureau whose sole reason for existance is Internet advertising. The company specializes in providing their clients with the best service possible by offering targeted banner rotations. Which guarantees that the sponsors banner ad is viewed in the specific categories of their choosing. Targeted category selection services are also provided for all ad hosting sites to insure that they get only ads pertaining to the category of their choosing.

The BannerMat came into existance as a result of several web designers efforts in promoting their own web sites. After spending many hours looking for ways to promote the various web sites that these designers created, they found that although banner advertising is essential for the promotion of a successful web site, it can also be a very expensive proposition.

explore the benefits

Starting September 1st 1999, The Bannermat has added a two tier referral program to their list of available services for registered host sites. The two tier referral program has been setup to pay $2.50 for each accepted host registration that you refer to BannerMat and an additional 20% of all click thru traffic that each of your referrals generate.

referral program

The Standard pay rate is: $ 0.05 per unique click-thru.

The Premium pay rate is: $ 0.10 per unique click-thru. (English sites with their own domain)

official FAQ

Q. How do I get started hosting banners?
A. Register as a host with The BannerMat. Then insert a few of lines of HTML code, which we will give you, onto the page(s) where you would want the banner ad to be displayed. Immeadiately after we have had an opprotunity to review your application, which should only take a few seconds, your BannerMat host account will be added to our host database and you will start to receive banners from our ad server.

Q. How much do I get paid?
A. We will pay you a minimum of 5 cents for each unique visitor that clicks through to our advertiser's website from your website. However, If your web site is written in English and you own the domain, we will pay you a minimum of 10 cents for each unique click. In addition, you can earn $2.50 per each approved registration and 20% recurring commissions on all clicks generated by your referrals.

Q. When do I get paid?
A. We calclulate payment of all hosts on the last day of each month. Checks are mailed on the first day of the following month provided that the host account has an accumulated balance of more than $25.00. If the balance is less than $25.00, the balance will be carried forward to the next month.

Q. Will hosting banners affect the bandwidth used by my site?
A. All banner advertisements actually reside on our ad server so we pay for the bandwidth charges incurred by them.

Q. How do I know that I will be paid at all?
A. Our system is completely automated. You can log in and check your account in real time whenever you wish. All funds used in our sponsors ad campaigns are collected prior to the beginning of the ad campaign and held for dispersal to our host accounts. This guarantees our hosts that there will be funds available for our host sites throughout the entire duration of each sponsors ad campaign.

Q. Does my web site have to be based in the U.S. to be accepted as a host?
A. No. We accept hosts from all countries. But keep in mind that all payments will be dispersed by check in U.S. funds only.

Q. How long will my account remain active with The BannerMat?
A. Your host account will remain active for an indefinate period of time, provided that you continue to serve banners. Host accounts have not served any banners for more than 30 days will be removed from the host database.

Q. What is meant by raw and unique clicks?
A. All banner requests to our adservers are recorded and counted as raw impressions. But unique impressions are counted only once per visitor within a 24 hour period. The same logic is applied for click throughs. For example; A person visits your web site and clicks on one of our banners, then later clicks on the same banner. The adserver will record the first click for that visitor but not the second click.

Q. Are there any reasons why my web site would NOT be accepted as a host?
A. Yes. Our advertisers are only interested in having their banners shown on quality web sites. Which means, if your web site doesn't carry any discernable content. Then your web site won't be accepted into the network. Web sites that only carry banners and nothing else will NOT be accepted into our network.

Q. Can I register for your affiliate program and not have to put banners on my site?
A. Absolutely! You can simply use a text link (which we will supply) on your web site and avoid having to place a single banner on your site. You will still earn $2.50 per approved registration and 20% commissions on all clicks generated by your referrals for life!

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