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AdultFriendFinder Adult pay-per-click programs pay-per-click programs pay-per-click programs pay-per-click programs pay-per-click programs

AdultFriendFinder runs three programs: Pay per click Program give you up to $1.00 per each unique visitor per day; Percentage Program pays up to 75% of generated revenues and Per Order Payout Program is where evry premium member sign-up earns you a $80.00 payout. If your traffic produces less than 1 free signup in 20 visitors, or 1 paying membership in 25 free signups, your account may be converted retroactively to a "percentage payout" account. When a webmaster uses your link to signup to advertise Adult FriendFinder, they will pay you 50% of the first $200 in commissions that we pay your referral affiliates, and 10% thereafter. All affiliates must meet a $50 threshold requirement minimum worth of commissions in order to receive a cheque (twice a month).
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AWEmpire Adult pay-per-click programs pay-per-click programs pay-per-click programs pay-per-click programs pay-per-click programs

AWEmpire pays $40 for every new customer you refer and 30% (plus up to 10% bonus) of revenues generated. You will also get paid a 2nd tier commission for referring other members, models and webmasters. Earnings are sent every two weeks, via your choice of the below payment methods: check, bank transfer, ePassporte, and Payoneer. Minimum payment is $50.
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LoadedCash Adult pay-per-click programs pay-per-click programs pay-per-click programs pay-per-click programs pay-per-click programs

With you can earn up to $60 per sale, 60% rev-share for life, $1.50 per free sign-up or up to $6.00 per lead on their top converting dating sites. Webmaster referral program pays 10% of all revenue generated by affiliates you refer to their program for life. provides amazing tools that actually tune your conversion for you. Currently they pay affiliates every two weeks by wire (they cover fees), checks, or
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SexSearch Adult pay-per-click programs pay-per-click programs pay-per-click programs pay-per-click programs pay-per-click programs

This program allows you to earn up to 75% revshare or $75 for every sign up that you generate. SexSearch also offers a Webmaster referral program that allows you to earn a percentage of the money that comes from webmasters that you refer to the program. SexSearch pays weekly. You will only be sent a check if your account balance is at least $50, otherwise payment will be carried over from week to week until your account has accrued $50. If you opt for a 'wire' payment, the minimum is $200. Wires are paid weekly and each wire carries a fee of $35.
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clixGalore Careers affiliate programs affiliate programs affiliate programs pay-per-click programs

clixGalore is a large affiliate network comprising of over 800+ Merchants and ten of thousands of Affiliates across our three networks in the USA, UK and Australia. The clixGalore service fee is 25% and based on what is paid to the Affiliate. For example, if a Merchant is willing to pay an Affiliate $10 per sale, the Affiliate will receive $10, clixGalore will receive $2.5. The total cost to the Merchant is $12.5. You will also earn 5% commission for life from all the Affiliates that your refer to clixGalore. clixGalore pays $5-50$ per merchant you refer. clixGalore has a monthly pay schedule and will mail you a check when your commission reaches US$50 or AUD$100 or GBP35 or 60 Euro. But there were delays with payment processing.
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FineClicks Advertising pay-per-click programs pay-per-click programs pay-per-click programs pay-per-click programs, CPC programs, payperclick

FineClicks offers various forms of offers for you to choose from to earn great revenue from your websites or newsletters. Yes, you can earn $5 for each approved affiliate that earns $5 himself plus 5% of all revenue that your referred websites earn. There is an option to refer Merchants and get paid 5% of thier deposits for the life of their account. You can get money via check or PayPal account. Affiliates are paid monthly, within 45 days of the end of the designated month. You must accrue $50.00 in your account before a check will be issued. Amounts equaling less than $50.00 roll over to the next month and accumulate from there.
Click Here To Join FineClicks Network Automotive pay-per-lead programs pay-per-lead programs pay-per-lead programs offers their affiliates 50% of the generated revenue from ($1.20 per insurance quote, $3.00 per new car price quote, $2.50 per financing quote that your site refers). They have set up what is referred to as a “bounty system” with partners such as AutoVantage, Progressive Insurance, Warranty Direct, etc. This means that is paid a bounty fee for referred leads. Agents shall receive 10% of all referred affiliate commissions. However, it takes 30 days for to receive a lead report from AutoVantage, Progressive Insurance, etc. which is why they estimate your revenues on their stats page. Payments are maid on a monthly basis (if the balance exceeds $10.00 U.S.) within 30 days after the end of such month.
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LinkShare Advertising pay-per-lead programs pay-per-lead programs

LinkShare is the most convenient, straightforward, and reliable affiliate program for affiliates. LinkShare hosts The LinkShare Network, where affiliates can use one username and password to quickly and easily find programs they want to join from among the 400 merchants who have affiliate programs through LinkShare. LinkShare is a trusted third party offering the most accurate tracking in the industry. Rates range from 3% to 20%, with most falling into the 5-10% range. One area unique to LinkShare is that it allows a mechanism for you to be able to negotiate with the various vendors. You can see a daily update of how much you are owed. Most merchants have minimum commission checks in the range of $10-50, and generally pay monthly.
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TradeDoubler Advertising affiliate programs affiliate programs

TradeDoubler has a number of programs to choose that psy per lead, sale or click. There is GBP2 referral bonus for referring affiliates. In order to get paid you must meet the minimum payment threshold of GBP30. Payments are made every month but two months in arrears, for instance the December 2001 payment covered commissions earned up until the end of October 2001. If you don't reach the GBP30 threshold then your funds are carried over to the next month.
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Commission Junction Advertising pay-per-click programs

Commission Junction has developed and operates a service which allows Web sites to run and/or participate in Affiliate Marketing programs. You must first be approved by a Merchant to become an Affiliate of that Merchant’s program. Payments are made automatically when your account balance reaches $100 for the previous months' transactions.
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