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Tracking and Statistics

What will my stats tell me about my site's advertising?

BURST! supplies two separate types of statistical reports for each site in your Member Pages: Analog and Campaign Reports.

Analog Reports:
Server logs are maintained for each Member. Those logs are then divided up by ad code and displayed in each Member's individual password protected pages (within your AdDesktopTM) as Web Site Stats, and are grouped by week for the last three weeks (showing traffic starting on Monday). This helps members to follow week-to-week traffic trends.

Analog statistics for each week are divided into four sections:

  1. Request Report: separates the number of views your ad code(s) receives and the number of clicks each receives.
  2. Daily Summary: represents in graph form the total amount of traffic (the number of page views plus the number of ad clicks) on your ad code for each day of the week.
  3. Hourly Summary: similar to the Daily Summary, it represents in graph form the total amount of traffic on your ad code for each hour of the day.
  4. Host Report: provides you with the number of times specific IP addresses access your web site.

Campaign Reports:
BURST! ad codes write log files that are imported into our database and displayed in each Member's individual account pages (within their AdDesktop) as Campaign Stats, grouped by start/end date of the ad run.

Campaign statistics are divided into three sections:

  1. Current Campaigns tracks those advertisers who are currently appearing on your adcode, indicating the views, clicks, and estimated earnings that have accrued for each campaign.
  2. Completed Campaigns displays when advertisers have finished their run on your adcode, what your final delivery and earnings were, and what's the current payment status.
  3. Revenue Chart: this bar graph reports per month and year your advertising revenue. A Campaign Flight’s end-date determines in which month its revenue is tabulated.

When are my ad stats available?

Both the Analog Report and the Campaign Report require the importing of information from our ad-hosting server to our database. This is done on a 24-hour basis, in the early morning hours, Eastern Standard Time. So, you can see your stats for Monday on Tuesday, etc. If your ad code is brand new, there will be no data imported to the corresponding stat files until the following day.

What statistics are available for BURST!Mail?

The statistics that are available for your BURST!Mail are the number of delivered ads, and the number of undeliverable email addresses.

How does BURST! count visitor traffic?

BURST!'s tracking methods count how many times an advertiser's banner is viewed. Therefore, we base our statistics on the number of times an ad is downloaded from our server on to your page(s).

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