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Burst! Media New Products Iincrease Revenue Potential For Web Publishers

BURLINGTON, MA - February 23, 2000 - BURST! Media, the leading ad network for 3,000 specialty-content web publishers, today introduced three new product offerings for its expanding network of member publishers: an email newsletter product and below-the-scroll advertising banners and buttons. Responding to web publishers' and advertisers' requests, BURST! developed these products to provide web publishers with expanded revenue opportunities and to offer online advertisers more avenues to reach visitors of specialty content.

For specialty content web publishers who produce an email newsletter, BURST!Mail enables them to realize additional revenue streams by incorporating relevant advertising into their email newsletter. By assigning the distribution and ad sales to BURST!, BURST!Mail gives specialty web publishers the freedom to concentrate on producing their specialty content. BURST! provides the BURST!Mail service at no cost to member publishers.

Tony Zeoli, chief executive officer and founder of LLC, said, "We are truly excited about the opportunity BURST!Mail presents to Netmix. In addition to our site content, Netmix publishes a bi-weekly email newsletter and distributes it to over 12,000 aficionados of urban music and DJ culture. Now with BURST!Mail, we can concentrate on enhancing the Netmix content, and realize additional revenue to help us expand services for our visitors."

BURST! also announced additional revenue opportunities for member publishers through online ads placed "below-the-scroll," that is, advertising placed below the first screen. These advertising placements, which comply with IAB standard ad sizes, afford online advertisers more liberty in where the ads are displayed and the CPMs they pay.

K-Yun Steele, senior media planner with Carat Freeman Interactive, said, "BURST! has done extremely well for a number of our agency's clients, both in terms of immediate user response and long-term ROI. This is largely due to BURST!'s ability to place our ads in the most beneficial online environments. When our client's advertising messages reach visitors on the BURST! network's content-rich sites, targeting the 'quality' visitor who is receptive to these messages is easy. We applaud BURST!'s commitment to specialty content-rich websites, as well as its commitment to providing advertisers with new and innovative ways to reach these sites' visitors."

About BURST! Media

BURST! Media, LLC, represents the business and creative interests of specialty-content web publishers. Offering customized advertising solutions and effective ad-management technology, BURST! enables niche-oriented web publishers to concentrate on the important work of meeting the needs of their web site visitors. For its 3,000 member web publishers - with content ranging from personal finance and tools for small business to restaurant reviews and global weather forecasting - BURST! helps manage nearly 700 million advertising impressions per month in more than 400 purchase categories. Founded in 1995, BURST! is privately held and headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts, with offices in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Detroit and Miami. For more information, visit the website at, or call 781-272-5544.

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