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How much will I make?

Earnings are variable. Your site will be selected for Targeted Advertising, but the exact timing and pricing can not be projected. When your site and/or email content is part of a purchased campaign, you will receive an insertion order (IO) via email which details who the advertiser is, the flight dates (start to end date) and rate/cost of the campaign, the guaranteed ad views your site and/or email content is expected to deliver, and your income. You must signal your rejection of a campaign within 24 hours of receiving an IO if you do not want this ad to appear. For Non-targeted Advertising, you select ads using the tools within AdDesktopTM.

Your earnings are based on the pricing for each ad campaign and the number of campaigns you select to fill your inventory.

Your ad revenues will vary depending upon traffic to your site and/or your email content and opt-in address list, the amount an advertiser is prepared to pay, and, in the case of Non-targeted Advertising, how many other BURST! Members select the same campaign. The BURST! membership provides advertisers with a unique opportunity, which allows us to secure advertising rates that are higher than an individual web site and/or email content publisher would be able to charge.

The average Targeted Advertising CPM for BURST! was $19.00 in the first half (1/1 - 6/31) of 1999.

The average pricing of Non-targeted Advertising was $3.00 CPM and $0.35 CPC for the first half of 1999.

How much does BURST! charge its Members?

There are no fees. BURST! earns a commission or a percentage of the publisher's revenue paid by the advertiser. You determine the percentage (30%-50%) based on the type of contract you choose when joining BURST!

What are the Contract Terms?

Month-to-month Non-exclusive:
Site keeps 50% of ad revenue, BURST! earns 50% commission

One Year Exclusive:
Site keeps 60% of ad revenue, BURST! earns 40% commission

Three Years Exclusive:
Site keeps 70% of ad revenue, BURST! earns 30% commission

What do you mean by Exclusive and Non-exclusive?

Regardless of the contract terms you select with BURST!, you are always free to sell ad space for your own site. Exclusive simply means that you, your staff, and BURST! will be the only sales agents.

A Non-exclusive contract gives you the latitude to offer your impressions for sale through as many third-party sales organizations as you desire. Although you are casting a wider net, marketplace dynamics result in advertisers seeking to purchase your impressions from the lowest-cost provider.

The month-to-month term is a great way to see how BURST! works for your site. You can upgrade or cancel this contract at any time.

What happens if I cancel a three- or one-year contract early?

Canceling an exclusive contract early results in a forfeiture of ad revenues equal to the change in percentage of ad revenues earned for the actual time the contract was in effect. For example, if you join for one year, but leave before the year is over, you will forfeit the difference between 60% of total ad revenues and 50%. Or, if you join for three years, but leave in less than one year, you will forfeit an additional 20% of ad revenues (the difference between 70% and 50%).

When and how will I be paid?

BURST! pays web sites and email content publishers for advertising monthly or within 45 days of the close of each calendar month in which the balance due exceeds $30.00. If your balance is less than $30.00, it will carry over until such time as you have a balance greater than $30.00.

Payment is made by check. The minimum check amount BURST! pays out is $30.00. If you are based outside of the U.S., your bank may impose an expensive fee to deposit or cash your payment. To avoid paying these fees on a number of checks for smaller amounts (or for any reason), simply notify BURST! of the minimum check amount you want to receive.

You can track your earnings and each campaign's payment status via the Campaign Report in your personal, password-protected Account Information Pages.

When calculating payment schedules, web sites and email content publishers outside of the U.S. should take into account the time for mail to reach their country from Boston, Massachusetts. It has been known for sites in Africa and Asia to receive their checks 3 weeks after the dates they were sent from the U.S.

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