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official FAQ

Online Advertising Representation

What Creative Units does BURST! offer member web sites?

BURST! offers the following web creative units:

  • 468 x 60 Above-the-Scroll banner: our premier service
  • 468 x 60 Below-the-Scroll banner
  • 125 x 125 Cube
  • 120 x 60 Button

These units give you additional advertising revenue streams along with flexibilty for your ad management. All sizes are standard IAB sizes, and they are optimized and tracked via BURST!'s ad serving technology.

What is BURST!Mail?

BURST!Mail is BURST!'s email management service. BURST!Mail is the place to store your content, manage your list, and incorporate up to three ads per mailing.

BURST!Mail features and details:

  • Opt-in specific. Spam-proof.
  • Text compatible. (HTML coming soon)
  • Online reports including real-time delivery reporting.
  • Mail bounce processing:
    • Tools to investigate bounced emails.
    • Automatic removal of bounced emails.
  • Archiving system/database.
  • Free on-time list verification. BURST! makes sure your list is qualified for advertisers.
  • BURST! can cross-sell your web site and email products as comprehensive advertising programs.
  • No fee or setup charges.

Does my BURST!Mail address list have to be opt-in only?

Yes, your email address list has to be opt-in only. BURST! reserves the right to email your address list to check a) to see if your email newsletter is opt-in, and b) to check your email address list for undeliverable addresses.

How does BURST! sell advertising for its web site members and email content publishers?

BURST! represents its Members to the national advertisers of consumer products. Our sales force is based in NY, LA, SF, Chicago, Miami, and Boston -- home to the top billing advertising agencies in the US -- where in-person sales calls are made to vie for a share of the annual budgets traditionally devoted to broadcast and print.

Importantly, because the Internet is creating an entirely new economy with brands, goods, publications, and services abounding outside of the traditional advertising marketplace, a team of in-house sales people who canvass the World Wide Web also represents BURST! Members.

Our primary focus is Targeted Advertising, sold on a cost-per-thousand impression (CPM) basis. Every proposal submitted to a prospective advertiser contains a customized site and/or email content list list that reflects each advertiser's target audience and content criteria. Thus, the advertiser is presented with a subset of Member sites and/or email publishers, tailored to meet the advertiser's goals and objectives.

The second type of advertising sold through BURST! is Non-targeted; these advertisers are purchasing the entire network of Member sites and/or email content, not a subset.

Explain in more detail what you mean by Targeted and Non-targeted advertising.

Perhaps this is best explained with an example:

Say an advertiser of Sporting Goods wants to target certain advertising specifically at young women. We call this goal "Precision-Targeted Advertising," and we fulfill it by searching our membership for appropriate web sites and/or email content, and then making the proposal based on that list. Depending on the advertiser's specific goals this might be a very focused list of web sites and/or email content that reach young women interested in sports, or it might be a combination of general web sites and/or email content focused on the two categories of "Sports" and "Women."

Targeted Advertising carries a higher value and therefore results in higher revenue to the web site. Non-targeted Advertising campaigns are lower cost-per-thousand (CPM) and cost-per-click (CPC) campaigns that help fill your available inventory quickly.

To continue the example, the same advertiser may want an ad campaign to reach a broad range of audiences. We call this goal "Non-targeted or Run-of-Network Advertising," and we meet it by making the ad campaign available to the entire membership of web and/or email content publishers. In this case, the BURST! members are in control as to whether they accept the campaign or not.

In all cases, BURST! Members are in control as to whether they accept the campaign or not.

How does BURST! set prices?

Pricing is negotiated between BURST! and the advertiser and is based, in part, on the amount of targeting requested - how broad or narrow is the desired viewing audience. The competitive marketplace also impacts price. BURST! tries to be competitive with other online buys yet to extract maximum value.

BURST! will negotiate either a cost-per-thousand impression (CPM) or cost-per-click (CPC) purchase with an advertiser. BURST! Members can decline any advertising for any reason, including price or pricing model.

You can track your ad revenue and each campaign's payment status via an online Campaign Report in your personal, password-protected Member Pages.

The average Targeted Advertising CPM for BURST! was $19.00 in the first half (1/1 - 6/30) of 1999.

The average pricing of Non-targeted Advertising was $3.00 CPM and $0.35 CPC for the first half of 1999.


What are the Eligibility Requirements to become a BURST! Member?

  1. Sites providing a greater proportion of original content versus links and advertising are favored.
  2. Your site must receive a minimum of 5000 page views per month
  3. Only sites written in English are eligible
  4. Sites that are hosted by free page services (for example, Freetown, Geocities, Tripod) are not accepted
  5. The site cannot contain any adult content or link to any adult materials, including but not limited to:
    1. Explicit/vulgar/obscene language
    2. Posting or referencing sexually explicit images or other offensive content
    3. Promotion of adult services, such as phone sex or escort services
  6. The site content can not infringe on any personal, intellectual property, or copy rights, including but not limited to:
    1. Racial, ethnic, political, or hate mongering
    2. MP3 Warez or ROM files
    3. Investment advice, or money-making opportunities not permitted under law
    4. Gratuitous displays of violence or profanity
    5. Material that defames, abuses, or threatens physical harm
    6. Promotion of illegal substances or activities, such as online gambling, how to build a bomb, counterfeit money, etc.
    7. Displaying another publisher's content within the frame of your site
  7. Use of Meta refresh coding or timed rotation of ad banners is not compatible with BURST!
    1. Any methods to falsely inflate the number of ad views or clicks is expressly forbidden
  8. In relation to ad banners, auto spawning of browser windows, automatic redirecting of users, pop-up windows, and framing the click-to destination of an ad banner is expressly forbidden
  9. BURST! ads can not appear on any web pages for which you are not directly responsible for the content. This includes but is not limited to:
    1. Framing the content of pages to which you have provided the search or no-proxy link.
    2. Free BBS, Email, or Chat services which you provide for your viewers.
    3. Pages/sites for which you provide free hosting, community, or network services.

In addition to the Eligibility Requirements, what are the Rules of Membership?

Web Publisher Members may place only one BURST! above-the-scroll banner per page banner per page and that banner must be the first ad visible on the page without scrolling in any direction. Further, Members are able to post one cube, button, or below-the-scroll banner. For each unit, it must be the first of its kind posted, and these alternative creative units can only be posted if there is an above-the-scroll BURST! banner on the same, specific web page.

Email Content Publishers need to user BURST!Mail to store your content, manage your list, and incorporate up to three ads per mailing. Email Content Publishers must include one Ad Tag per newsletter, and their email address list must be opt-in only. Further, email content can be sent out as frequently as once per day:

  • Daily Email Publisher: Content must be submitted by 4 P.M. EST, the day of publication.
  • Other Email Publisher: Content must be submitted by 4 P.M. EST, the day before your publication date.

BURST! is a partnership. For us to sell your site and/or email content successfully, we need a good working relationship, the cornerstone of which is a working email address that is checked regularly. If your email address changes, make certain you update your BURST! account too. On a regular basis, we'll send you emails notifying you of new advertisers, tools, and technology upgrades.

It is important to keep not only your personal information current, but your site and/or email content information as well. Your online Member Pages have forms and forums for your input to keep BURST! current with the growth and evolution of your site and with how we are doing at meeting your needs.

How does one join BURST!

From our homepage,, click on JOIN and then "Sign-Up!". After you verify your site and/or email content meets the eligibility requirements, you'll be asked to complete a Registration Form with some basic information, such as your name and email address, your email content publication or web site's name, URL, estimated monthly traffic, etc. Once you submit that form, your site will be reviewed based on the eligibility requirements as well as design, navigation, and substance criteria. The review process takes approximately three business days, at which point you'll receive an acceptance or rejection email notice.

Upon acceptance, you'll receive a User Number and Password with which to log in to your personal Member Pages at the BURST! web site.

A contract for your review and signature will be presented online. (If you're a minor, you'll need to print and mail or fax the contract with a parent or guardian's signature.)

Upon entering into a contract with BURST!, you will have online access to your source/ad code, BURST!MailTM, and step-by-step instructions to help you get your site ready for advertising.

How long will it take before advertising appears on my site or in my BURST!Mail?

Within 24 hours of signing your contract and posting BURST! source code at your site and/or filling out your BURST!Mail profile.

AdDesktopTM is your BURST! account management tool. It has a vast array of functionality including the tools to select or reject advertising campaigns.

Your setup instructions will direct you to AdDesktop and guide you through the selection/rejection process. You will be able to choose among all current Non-targeted Advertising.


How much will I make?

Earnings are variable. Your site will be selected for Targeted Advertising, but the exact timing and pricing can not be projected. When your site and/or email content is part of a purchased campaign, you will receive an insertion order (IO) via email which details who the advertiser is, the flight dates (start to end date) and rate/cost of the campaign, the guaranteed ad views your site and/or email content is expected to deliver, and your income. You must signal your rejection of a campaign within 24 hours of receiving an IO if you do not want this ad to appear. For Non-targeted Advertising, you select ads using the tools within AdDesktopTM.

Your earnings are based on the pricing for each ad campaign and the number of campaigns you select to fill your inventory.

Your ad revenues will vary depending upon traffic to your site and/or your email content and opt-in address list, the amount an advertiser is prepared to pay, and, in the case of Non-targeted Advertising, how many other BURST! Members select the same campaign. The BURST! membership provides advertisers with a unique opportunity, which allows us to secure advertising rates that are higher than an individual web site and/or email content publisher would be able to charge.

The average Targeted Advertising CPM for BURST! was $19.00 in the first half (1/1 - 6/31) of 1999.

The average pricing of Non-targeted Advertising was $3.00 CPM and $0.35 CPC for the first half of 1999.

How much does BURST! charge its Members?

There are no fees. BURST! earns a commission or a percentage of the publisher's revenue paid by the advertiser. You determine the percentage (30%-50%) based on the type of contract you choose when joining BURST!

What are the Contract Terms?

Month-to-month Non-exclusive:
Site keeps 50% of ad revenue, BURST! earns 50% commission

One Year Exclusive:
Site keeps 60% of ad revenue, BURST! earns 40% commission

Three Years Exclusive:
Site keeps 70% of ad revenue, BURST! earns 30% commission

What do you mean by Exclusive and Non-exclusive?

Regardless of the contract terms you select with BURST!, you are always free to sell ad space for your own site. Exclusive simply means that you, your staff, and BURST! will be the only sales agents.

A Non-exclusive contract gives you the latitude to offer your impressions for sale through as many third-party sales organizations as you desire. Although you are casting a wider net, marketplace dynamics result in advertisers seeking to purchase your impressions from the lowest-cost provider.

The month-to-month term is a great way to see how BURST! works for your site. You can upgrade or cancel this contract at any time.

What happens if I cancel a three- or one-year contract early?

Canceling an exclusive contract early results in a forfeiture of ad revenues equal to the change in percentage of ad revenues earned for the actual time the contract was in effect. For example, if you join for one year, but leave before the year is over, you will forfeit the difference between 60% of total ad revenues and 50%. Or, if you join for three years, but leave in less than one year, you will forfeit an additional 20% of ad revenues (the difference between 70% and 50%).

When and how will I be paid?

BURST! pays web sites and email content publishers for advertising monthly or within 45 days of the close of each calendar month in which the balance due exceeds $30.00. If your balance is less than $30.00, it will carry over until such time as you have a balance greater than $30.00.

Payment is made by check. The minimum check amount BURST! pays out is $30.00. If you are based outside of the U.S., your bank may impose an expensive fee to deposit or cash your payment. To avoid paying these fees on a number of checks for smaller amounts (or for any reason), simply notify BURST! of the minimum check amount you want to receive.

You can track your earnings and each campaign's payment status via the Campaign Report in your personal, password-protected Account Information Pages.

When calculating payment schedules, web sites and email content publishers outside of the U.S. should take into account the time for mail to reach their country from Boston, Massachusetts. It has been known for sites in Africa and Asia to receive their checks 3 weeks after the dates they were sent from the U.S.

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