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Click Agents

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company background

Click, Inc.
181 Metro Drive, Suite 580
San Jose, CA 95110
United States of America
Phone: (408)-453-3577 | Fax: (408)-453-3578

Click Agents, a Delaware Corporation, is a leading provider of Internet advertising solutions for ad agencies, advertisers and Web publishers. The Company focuses on a performance-based Internet advertising solution, known as cost-per-click or CPC, in which an advertiser only pays when an Internet user clicks on its banner or button advertisement. The CPC has significant advantages over the CPM (cost per thousand) model, which is far more prevalent today. The CPC solution provides advertisers with a greater ability to quantify advertising effectiveness and publishers of Web sites that have low to moderate rates of traffic (also referred to as small-to medium-sized Web sites) an opportunity to generate advertising revenue. The Company also provides publishers of high-traffic Web sites the ability to capture additional revenue from their unsold advertising inventory. As one of the largest CPC networks, Click Agents provides advertising customers a cost-effective, low-risk, performance-based Internet advertising solution.

As Internet traffic grows, owners of Web sites increasingly seek to maximize the value of their online advertising inventory. Click Agents provides Web sites the ability to access ad inventories of large ad agencies and enables them to sell advertising without incurring the costs and challenges associated with building and maintaining an ad sales force. As online advertisers and direct marketers increase their use of the Internet, they seek solutions and technologies that allow them to efficiently deliver highly targeted advertisements and effectively measure the results of individual campaigns. The Click Agents Network solution allows advertisers and direct marketers to tailor their ad campaigns to reach desired audiences, while reducing costs and alleviating the need to purchase a series of ad campaigns from numerous Web sites.

The Company is currently working on several initiatives to increase ad targeting capabilities. In addition, the CPC model insures that advertisers pay for effective ad placement and provides them with the ability to measure the effectiveness of individual ads or ad campaigns.

The Company's CPC-based advertising model addresses inefficiencies experienced by publishers and advertisers by delivering to Web publishers and advertisers a cost-effective, performance-based Internet advertising solution. Click Agents solution provides publishers of small- to medium-sized Web sites the opportunity to generate advertising revenue at little or no added cost, while allowing publishers of high-traffic Web sites the ability to capture additional revenue for excess advertising inventory that would otherwise remain unsold. Click Agents CPC solution also gives Internet advertisers a convenient way to predict ad effectiveness, because they only pay for visitors to their sites.

The Company's technology and media expertise enable it to deliver highly targeted, measurable and cost-effective Internet advertising for advertisers and ad agencies, and to increase ad sales and improve ad space inventory management for Web publishers. Click agents dynamic matching, targeting and delivery functions enable Web advertisers to target their advertising based on a variety of factors, including user interests, time of day, day of week, organization name and size, domain type (i.e., commercial, government, education, network), operating system, server type and version, and keywords. In addition, the Company also manages the frequency and distribution of ad placements to limit repetitive ad exposures that can reduce ad effectiveness . Further, in order to deliver the advertisements on the pages that are likely to result in the best response, the Company's technology improves its predictive capabilities by continuously collecting anonymous information regarding the user's viewing activities and ad responses.

Since the company's inception in February 1999 Click Agents network has grown to approximately 3500 top premium sites as of January 2000. In January 2000, we delivered over 600 million banner advertisements. Click Agents strategy is to continue Click Agents recent growth to become the leading provider of performance-based advertising solutions. The Company's growth plans include a number of new and innovative advertising solutions which will leverage Click Agents position as one of the largest CPC networks and Click Agents reputation as the Performance Based advertising network.

company news

February 28, 2000 Click Agents adds two executives to its Management Team

December 8, 1999 Sandpiper Networks Speeds Ad Delivery by More Than 90 Percent for Click Agents; Sandpiper's Content Delivery Network Enhances Reliability of Leading Cost-per-Click Ad Network

November 29, 1999 Click revenues expected to exceed $1 million per month

April 30, 1999 released to prevent Click Fraud

referral program

How does it work?

Click Agents give you a URL that links to their main homepage - this URL records the time and date of people following it, and more importantly your username. Click Agents can use this information to find out exactly who signed up with us from your link. Use this link on your page, advertise it on e-mails, newsgroups, tell your friends - the possibilities are endless.

What are the rewards?

For every user that you sign up Click Agents will reward you with 10% of ALL the cash that ALL of your referred users accumulate, permanently. For instance, if you refer a site that gets 10,000 hits a day to join Click Agents, then expect a lot of cash, coming your way!

How do I sign up?

To register for the referral program, you must be a member of Click Agents If you do not yet have a Click Agents account, then sign up straight away. All Click Agents members qualify to be on the program for free.


It is against their rules to refer any of your own accounts... if you are found to have done this Click Agents reserve the right to remove all referral money earned.

How do I know who I have introduced?

Easy. Click Agents will provide you with all the details in a page visible from your user account. The user accounts contain a complete step-by-step breakdown of who you have referred, and how much you have earned! This amount gets added onto your total.

What is the referral URL?

You can use a standard text link or one of the images provided by us and link to Inserting your Click Agents username after the question mark, then every single person following your link and signing up will be credited to your account!

Click Agents Official FAQ

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