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Click Agents

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Sandpiper Networks Speeds Ad Delivery by More Than 90 Percent for Click Agents; Sandpiper's Content Delivery Network Enhances Reliability of Leading Cost-per-Click Ad Network

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 8, 1999--Sandpiper Networks Inc., the leading provider of comprehensive content delivery solutions for e-business, today announced that Click Agents has selected the company's award-winning Footprint(SM) service for added speed and reliability.

Click Agents is a leading provider of Internet advertising solutions for ad agencies, advertisers and web publishers. Click Agents has already seen a 90 percent performance increase since becoming a customer of Sandpiper Networks.

As Internet traffic continues to grow at a phenomenal pace, web sites are challenged to find new technologies that will increase the speed and availability of their sites. This is especially critical for e-businesses whose sites are virtual storefronts. Launched more than a year ago, the Footprint content delivery network (CDN) speeds web site performance up to 10 times by distributing content from a worldwide network of servers, putting web content closer to the consumer and shortening the delivery path. Web content providers using Sandpiper can assure consumers of a fast, reliable connection and a more enjoyable online experience.

As one of the largest cost-per-click (CPC) networks, Click Agents provides cost-effective, low-risk, performance-based Internet advertising solutions to some of the world's largest web sites. High-traffic, Click Agents' customers rely on the company to capture additional revenue for excess advertising inventory that would otherwise remain unsold. Additionally, Click Agents allows advertisers to tailor their ad campaigns to reach desired audiences, while reducing costs and alleviating the need to purchase a series of ad campaigns from numerous Web sites. By distributing online ads using Sandpiper's CDN, Click Agents can ensure greater speed and reliability to their customers, maximizing campaign effectiveness.

"Sandpiper is proud to partner with Click Agents to provide enhanced delivery of online ads," said Leo Spiegel, president and chief executive officer of Sandpiper Networks. "As Internet traffic continues to grow, it is becoming increasingly important to offer targeted, measurable ad campaigns. Sandpiper is a perfect partner to Click Agents so that they may offer their customers maximum ad effectiveness and so that consumers can realize the benefits of fast-loading pages."

"Our strategic moves have lead us to be pioneers in the cost-per-click advertising industry. Being in partnership with Sandpiper Networks is yet another strategic move for Click Agents to become the world class ad network," said Gurbaksh Chahal, CEO of Click Agents.

"We are always looking for ways of improving our customers' business experience," said Cheng-Wei Cheng, chief technology officer for Click Agents. "Sandpiper offers a superior content delivery solution that in turn allows us to pass the benefits of speed and reliability on to our customers for greater campaign effectiveness."

Sandpiper announced in October 1999 that the company intends to merge with Digital Island Inc. (NASDAQ:ISLD), a leading provider of network services for globalizing e-business applications. The combined company plans to integrate content delivery, hosting and intelligent network services to address the two significant requirements of global e-business applications: support for centrally controlled and secure transactions and fast content delivery at the edges of the network. The Footprint network will have more than 1,200 servers worldwide by year-end. Sandpiper has deployed Footprint servers in more than 20 networks worldwide, including America Online, Concentric Networks, Uunet, GTE BBN, Sprint, Cable and Wireless, PSINet, Frontier/Globalcenter, and TCG/Cerfnet.

Customers using Sandpiper's CDN to ensure the fast and reliable delivery of online content include: Activision, AdForce, Astound, Blue Mountain, CallWave,, EarthLink,, Gamesville,, LiveOnLine, PBS, Sabela Media, SCO, University Netcasting, Value America and other leading Internet content providers. Online events delivered by Sandpiper include the 1999 Academy Awards,'s real-time photo gallery, id Software's Quake III Arena and the Starr Report.

About Click, Inc.
Click Agents, a Delaware Corporation, is a leading provider of Internet advertising solutions for ad agencies, advertisers and Web publishers. The Company focuses on a performance-based Internet advertising solution, known as cost-per-click or CPC, in which an advertiser only pays when an Internet user clicks on its banner or button advertisement. The CPC has significant advantages over the CPM (cost per thousand) model, which is far more prevalent today. The CPC solution provides advertisers with a greater ability to quantify advertising effectiveness and publishers of Web sites that have low to moderate rates of traffic (also referred to as small-to medium-sized Web sites) an opportunity to generate advertising revenue. The Company also provides publishers of high-traffic Web sites the ability to capture additional revenue from their unsold advertising inventory. As one of the largest CPC networks, Click Agents provides our advertising customers a cost-effective, low-risk, performance-based Internet advertising solution.

About Sandpiper Networks
Sandpiper Networks is the world's first content delivery service provider for the Internet. Founded in 1996, Sandpiper has built the largest and most comprehensive Content Delivery Network (CDN). The company's initial service offering, Footprint, gives leading ebusinesses the power to deliver Web sites more efficiently and profitably while dramatically improving site performance. Footprint ensures the delivery of fresh web content of all types while providing management statistics that are vital to Web-centric businesses. For more information, visit The network is changing. Adapt to it(SM).

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