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company background

ValueClick is the leading provider of Internet advertising solutions for publishers of Web sites and online advertisers.

As a pioneer of the performance-based advertising model, known as cost-per-click or CPC, ValueClick provides a cost-effective solution for attracting targeted, high quality customers. This solution also provides Web publishers with an opportunity to generate advertising revenue. The appeal to publishers of high-traffic Web sites is the ability to capture additional revenue from their unsold advertising inventory. As the leading aggregator of small- to medium-sized Web sites, ValueClick provides advertisers, primarily direct marketing and e-commerce companies, a cost-effective, low-risk Internet advertising solution. The ValueClick Network is comprised of more than 10,000 Web sites that offer innovative advertising solutions on name-brand properties in high demand content channels. According to Media Metrix, ValueClick reaches over 25% of the U.S. Internet population and delivers over 40 million ads daily. With a proven track record of providing consistent value to its partners, ValueClick is among the e-commerce community's leading advertising networks.

company news

June 7, 2000: ValueClick Expands Management Team

February 22, 2000: ValueClick Changes Managing Underwriters for Proposed Initial Public Offering

February 14, 2000: ValueClick Serves More Than 2 Billion Ads Per Month

January 13, 2000: Doubleclick Inc. Makes $85 Million Strategic Investment in Valueclick, Inc.

referral program

ValueClick provides you with an additional opportunity to earn revenue for any new site that joins the network based on your referral. You can use your account to get credit for referring new sites.

ValueClick pays you 1 cent for every click-through that a referred site generates for ValueClick advertisers. You can sign up as many sites as you want. The referral payment will be added to your account month after month for as long as both your site and the site you referred are Hosts.

official FAQ

How do I get started?

To take the first step toward becoming a Host site, please fill out the ValueClick Host Application form. After you have filled out the Application form, the Host Services team will review your site and contact you about hosting ads.

Do I get paid based on CPM (impressions) or CPC (click-throughs)?

ValueClick's model is based on the performance-based Cost-per-Click (CPC) model. Hosts are paid, and advertisers are charged, solely on click-throughs.

How much do I get paid?

They will pay you 12 to 23 cents for each visitor who clicks through to their advertisers' websites from your website.

When do I get paid?

ValueClick pays its hosts twice a month for clicks earned in each pay period. They calculate payment for all Hosts on the last day of each month and the 15th day of each month. They then send payment to all Hosts who have earned more than $30. If your account has earned less than $30 at the end of the pay period, the balance is added to the next pay period. They pay within 10 business days of the end of each pay period (for example, payments for the first 15 days of March will be mailed by March 29th and payments for the 16th of March through the end of March will be mailed by April 14th). Websites which have earned less than $20.00 in a month will have their check carried over and mailed within two to four weeks after the end of the month in which they exceed $20.00

How do I know how much I have earned?

When you are accepted as a ValueClick Host, you will receive a Host number and password with which you can log on to the "Hosts Only" area of their site and view all statistics for your account. ValueClick's Account Management System will allow you to see the volume of banner ad impressions, click-throughs, and money that has been credited to your account.

I am not in the United States. Can I still be a Host?

Yes. ValueClick accepts websites from all countries; however, the primary ValueClick network - headquartered in the United States - only accepts sites with English content. Sites written in English from any country may apply to become a Host site. If you are concerned about bank fees, you may open a US Money Account at most commercial banks. They typically do not wire transfer monthly payments to Hosts.

My site is not in English. Can I still be a Host?

Yes. While the primary ValueClick network - headquartered in the United States - only accepts sites with English content, ValueClick does provide solutions for non-English Hosts and Advertisers within their international networks.

What size banners are available?

ValueClick currently offers 468x60 pixel banners only. Other size banners and text links are not available at this time.

How will the banners affect the bandwidth used by my site?

ValueClick ads will not slow down the rate at which your page loads, and there will be no effect on the bandwidth used by your website. All banner ads are served from ValueClick servers.

Can I show multiple banners on my site?

Yes. In fact, many of their Hosts place ValueClick banners on each page of their site.

Do I need to sign up more than once for multiple sites?

No. Only one ValueClick Host number is necessary no matter how many sites or pages in a site you have. However, if you would like to track a different URL under the same Host Account, you will need to submit that URL for approval after you log into the Account Management System.

Does ValueClick have a Referral program?

Once you are become a Host, you will also be eligible to participate in ValueClick's Referral program. In addition to getting paid for ads that you host, you can earn additional revenue by helping to sign up new sites to the network.

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