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company background

SCAM. They closed my account with more than 200 referrals without any reasons. I got no replies on my inquires., a privately held company recently announced the launch of its proprietary FiestaBarô and the offering of several other Get Paid services such as Get Paid to Send and Receive E-mail, Get Paid to Play Games online, and Get Paid to Sign Up for Programs. is a permission-based marketing network. The services offered by give advertisers a unique opportunity to reach their audience and reward the members of for viewing advertisements and participating in special offers and programs.'s partners save on advertising and marketing costs by participating in one-on-one advertising to groups of individual consumers who have already indicated their interest in accepting specific advertising. Active members can be paid monthly simply for surfing the Web, or using any application on their computer, and receive membership benefits that include sponsor discounts and rebates.

The online incentive programs offered by are intended to provide comprehensive and flexible, incentive-marketing solutions for advertisers. matches advertising and other e-commerce opportunities with its members' interests and shares with them the e-commerce benefits and advertising revenues while preserving its members' privacy and never sharing any personal information without member's permission.

referral program

Your earning potential is limitless! The more you use the FiestaBarTM and the more people you REFER to our program, the more you will earn. Currently is paying 65% of its advertising revenues to members. You can also earn 33% from the adpoints your 1st level referrals get for surfing, 16% from 2nd level referrals and 8% from referrals of 3rd, 4th and 5th level.

official FAQ

What is all about? is a permission-based marketing company. What that means to you is that you will receive a portion of our advertising revenue in exchange for viewing ads on your computer screen. Your privacy will be strictly protected and we will never share any of your personal information with advertisers without your permission.

Are CashFiesta's services available worldwide?
Yes! Individuals of all nationalities are encouraged to apply for membership. All payments will be made by checks in US dollars.

Are there any restrictions?
A few - only one account per person, no spamming, and no tampering with the FiestaBarô or any other parts of the CashFiesta web site.

Is there a limit on the hours I can use FiestaBarô?
No, currently we have no limit on the hours you can spend online while using the CashFiesta services.

What's the catch?
There is absolutely no catch, no investment, and no fine print. You are not required to buy or sell anything. Just sign up and start earning cash. It's that simple.

What are my potential earnings as a member?
Your potential is absolutely limitless. Refer as many friends as you wish and watch your earnings grow. is currently paying for referrals up to the FIFTH LEVEL. Check out the Fiesta Calculator to see what is you earning potential.

What are Direct Referrals and Indirect Referrals?
Direct referrals are the people you inform directly and who join Indirect referrals are the people referred by your direct referrals. You will accumulate earnings based on your direct and indirect referrals' earnings up to the fifth level.

How do I get paid? members are paid monthly when their earnings exceed $30. Unpaid amounts will be carried over to the following month. All payments will be made by checks in US dollars. You may monitor yours and your referrals' earnings from our Check Account Status page.

How will I know how much money I have earned?
At the end of the month we determine the pay rate based on how many hours everyone surfed and our advertising revenues. We then determine the pay rate and send out the checks. You can always check for the current rates in the Members Area of

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