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Commission Junction

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New CJPro Service Maximizes E-Commerce Revenues for Major Content Companies

Custom Service from Commission Junction Manages Volume and Complexity of E-Commerce Relationships

SANTA BARBARA, CA - April 3, 2000 - Commission Junction, the e-commerce infrastructure company that enables consumers to buy anything, anywhere, anytime - today announced a revolutionary, new service - CJPro - that enables large content companies to maximize their e-commerce revenues while minimizing the overhead necessary to create and manage multiple e-commerce relationships that enable point-of-interest buying for their web site visitors.

CJPro is a comprehensive service offering designed specifically for the largest information and entertainment companies on the Internet. The CJPro service provides a suite of recruitment, administrative and management services for content providers that don't want to incur the overhead of developing, creating and managing e-commerce relationships for their web sites in-house. CJPro services include managing merchant partners, commission structures and the process for selecting and updating product link placements.

"Commission Junction offers an ideal foundation for large content companies that want to turn their content into commerce. As a web-based Application Services Provider (ASP), we've designed our system from the ground up to offer the size, scale and service these companies need," said Lex Sisney, CEO of Commission Junction. "This isn't about buying software and running a program by yourself. It's about providing a sales architecture and robust infrastructure that allows us to manage an incredibly high volume of e-commerce transactions and revenues for our clients."

Through CJPro, Commission Junction assigns a dedicated team to work with major content companies to design a customized contextual-commerce strategy and program. In most cases, large content providers face unique issues in developing effective online sales because of their huge volume of visitors and the overall complexity of their content management. By signing-on with Commission Junction for its CJPro Service, the design, management and performance of the system become the responsibility of Commission Junction.

"CJPro enables large content companies to tap the inherent power of their content and ignite sales on their site without the time consuming effort of acquiring the staff and resources required to manage the process," Sisney said.

CJPro is the first customized service to address the management and complexity issues that often prevent large content sites from optimizing their online sales capabilities through the formation of multiple e-commerce relationships. What makes CJPro unique is that for the first time, the company selling the service is assuming responsibility for the results as well as the design and deployment.

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