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Billions of email are sent over the internet every Day! Now, get paid for every email that you receive from! That's right, SendMoreInfo pays its members for reading email!

Their advertisers pay them to email to you. SendMoreInfo in turn "funnel" some of those revenues back to you... the consumer! Their advertisers get a captive audience for their product and you get paid for learning about their offer! Try getting that from cable TV.

First SendMoreInfo pays you 5 cents for every email you receive from That means if you are receiving 20 emails a day, you will earn a $1.00 a day. But, that is not all!

As you tell others about they will also pay you 2 cents for each email they receive as well! This could really add up to some incredible extra income! Here is a chart:

Emails Received Sent To Commissions Earned
20 per day You $1.00 per day
20 per day 100 Referrals $40.00 per day

official FAQ

How do I refer others for membership and receive credit for their sign up?
For referral of others to the site use the following ID #) Your ID will appear at the bottom of the first website page if you use the above link. This will assure you receive the credit that you deserve.

Do I have to open and read all the emails?
Yes, the more products and services purchased by our members from our advertisers, the more our advertisers will send email, and the more money you will make. A link is included in each message that you receive. You must click on the link to verify that you received the message and credit your account.

What is the policy on the kinds of messages you can send?
We do not allow "inappropriate" material, such as Adult site promotion to be sent from, Inc.

How are commissions paid?
Commissions are sent internationally by Bank Check in U.S. dollars. They are mailed on the 20th of each month for the previous months mailings. Minimum check amount per month is $10.00. If the minimum is not made, the amount will be added to the next month's commissions.

How will I know the email that is sent from
When you open the email the sender is "".

I haven't received any email yet is the program working?
Yes the program has been working since Sept 2, 1999. If you are not receiving email login to our members area and edit your account. Check to make sure your email address is spelled correctly.

I don't see my new referral on the "Account Summary"
Be sure that your browser is set to refresh every time you go to a web page. If your browser is set to refresh only when you start a new browser session you may be viewing a "cached page" instead of the realtime information.

How can I set the number of emails that I want to receive?
The number of emails you receive is based on the catagories that you select and the type of advertising that is being promoted.

If I don't know my ID number or Password, how can I get them?
Click on "Need Your ID or Password" link.

How can I change my personal information?
Login to the members area. Click on Edit Account in the Members section.

How much money do I have in my account?
To receive summary information about your membership you should login to the member area using your ID and password. Then select Account Summary.

I need banners for my website.
A "Banners" link is found in the Members area.

If I decide to cancel, how do I do that?
Log Into the members area then click on Delete Account.

Can anyone in the world join
We welcome anyone to join us, no matter where you live. If your country is not listed, write to HelpDesk.

What are emails sent by referrals?
If you refer a member who sends email to promote their product or service you will receive .02 for each of the emails that are clicked through. For instance if they send 10000 emails and 5000 of those are clicked through you will receive 5000 x .02 or $100.00 That is at 50% click through rate. Our click through rates run 30-70%.

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